Auto Glass Consultants (AGC) is an independent company that provides auto glass businesses and auto glass career-minded individuals with the necessary training and information for success in the auto glass industry. We design unique auto glass replacement training and informational programs specifically for your business and employees.

The leading educators of the auto glass industry

At AGC, we understand the importance of productivity. Accordingly, our instructors come to your place of business to educate your employees without risking their productivity level.        

AGC’s auto glass programs are designed to be:

Up to date with industry information:
To be a leading auto glass business, you must stay up-to-date with the latest auto glass industry information.  AGC educates with only the most cutting-edge industry information keeping your business up to date and competitive.

Customized to your needs:
Whether you need auto glass replacement training, information on the newest auto glass replacement safety standards, or training on sales performance and customer service, AGC will equip your business accordingly with a completely customized program

Entertaining for your employees:
Auto Glass Consultants only includes pertinent information from which your employees will improve.  By utilizing updated and previously unknown information, the impact of your program is maximized.

Why Auto Glass Consultants?

By training with AGC’s customized programs, your business will be:

  1. More competitive
  2. More productive
  3. More profitable