What type of training do you offer?

Automotive Glass Consultants (AGC) is a full service training company that offers a wide range of training options including technical (installation training), sales, customer service, and productivity.

Auto glass installation training, unlike the others, cannot be learned by lecture only. It requires hands-on practice to become proficient in the use of tools, adhesives, and safety equipment. AGC offers a diverse selection of training options including, seminars, lectures, hands-on instruction and online courses. Our training is conducted either at our affiliated technical schools around the country or it can be presented at your place of business. AGC prides itself on providing up-to-date, unbiased information that fits the needs of our client. Most of our training is customized to the client’s particular requests.

What other services do you provide?

We also offer consulting services, through AGC & Associates, that include glass manufacturing, human resources, marketing, sales and business planning for the entrepreneur. We can advise and help you acquire tools, supplies, and adhesives necessary to the act of installation. If it has to do with the successful running of an auto glass business, we can help you solve any problems you might encounter.

What does your training cost?

Due to the wide variety of training options, cost is difficult to quote definitively. There are combinations of programs and courses that assure affordability for every budget. We suggest that you call us at 1-800-695-5418 for a free quote.

How long are the training programs?

The client chooses the depth of knowledge they wish to attain. We provide that information in an efficient and entertaining way. The time necessary to present and quantify the data depends on the client.

Technical training, however, is a different animal. Proper installation training depends on the experience of the technician(s). The less experience, the more time it will take to present the material and the more practice it will take to be proficient. AGC offers programs that range from one day to several weeks of training options.

What is certification?

There is a misunderstanding of the term certification. Certification is defined as having four important parts: external review, education, assessment, and renewal. Many “certifications” in the Aftermarket Glass Replacement industry (AGR) are just training with an accompanied certificate. Though these are important, they are not certifications. There are currently three recognized AGR certifications: National Glass Association (NGA), Independent Glass Association (IGA), and the Automotive Glass Consultants (AGC). They all require the passing of a written test, a continuing education (CE) component, and renewal on a timely basis. AGC goes one step further in requiring the “demonstration of skills” component demanded by the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC), formerly the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS).

Why should I get certified?

Though certification is not required to do business, it is to the benefit of the technician and Replacement Company to be so designated. Many insurance companies require either certification or years of experience to be able to do business with their insured. It also gives credentials to the parties for marketing and sales efforts to the retail consumer.

I am new at this, so how do I get started?

That is the easiest question so far. Just contact us and we will help you in determining your needs based on your experience and budget. It’s that easy.