Certification Program

Auto Glass Safety Certification ProgramsAt AGC we believe that safety is a crucial element in auto glass installation. We have developed a comprehensive, hands-on certification program designed to keep you up to date in all of the latest Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC) requirements.



AGC can supply you with all of the tools, both physical and mental, to become a successful, safe and dependable professional business.


Auto glass installation is an involved process consisting of many different steps to ensure safety and quality workmanship. The AGC professionals have broken down the process of auto glass installation into seven different, smaller steps to help better understand the overall process.


Tools of the Trade

Installing auto glass is a complex process that not only requires specific, detailed knowledge but also specialized tools to perform and complete the job. Through extensive hands-on research, AGC has compiled a list of all essential tools required for any auto glass installation job. Take a look below at the various auto glass tool kits AGC has to offer.